Remember my litany of bad news from last week? I’ve got another one, courtesy of a true story from last week. Is Mercury in retrograde??

No interesting story here; I put my foot wrong down on the edge of a curb and fell, spraining both ankles and banging up my elbow. I managed to drag myself (and Juno!) to sit up on a concrete barricade in the parking lot, where one of the moms in Momo’s grade noticed I was in trouble and came to help. It hurt so badly that I couldn’t get more than a few words out at a time, but she was on it. I got mommed, and I needed it.

It’s hard to really put into words the comfort that I get from being part of a community. The word’s been kind of diluted, but like… really back to its roots: communal care and responsibility, trusting your neighbours, looking out for each other. As a lifelong Weird Kid, it is truly eye-opening to just… be a part of a group. Not friends, not family, not coworkers, just… people, lookin’ out. Last week I got to withdraw a little favor from the community bank when I needed it, and I’m grateful.

(And as for the ankles, don’t worry – I’m keeping well off them with plenty of RICE. 🙂 )

Housekeeping! You might notice a new convention appearance on the sidebar… I’m going to be in Edmonton in September! It’s been a hot minute!! I always have a great time at that show, I’m excited to be able to go back! Now… as long as the new Dragon Age doesn’t drop that weekend…


Panel 1 (close-up of Lindsay, raising a demonstrative index finger)
Lindsay: It’s important to make friends with the other schoolyard parents! We might not know each other’s names, but we all look out for the kids. Once, a parent noticed Momo hadn’t been picked up (by a new babysitter) and stayed with her until he knew she was safe. We’d barely talked, but he was so aware of our normal routine he just knew something was wrong. Being part of an actual
community is incredible!

Panel 2 (same Lindsay, pulled out to show sitting on the grass, with a concerned Juno and two parents running towards them in the background)
Lindsay: …plus, you never know when you’ll fall and sprain both your ankles, and need one of them to drive you and your dog home!