One of the things I’ll never miss about pregnancy: the way everyone thinks that not only do they know better than you, but that they have the right to come up to you, often a complete stranger, and question you on it.  If everyone would just assume that a pregnant woman is always doing the best she can with available information and per her private, inalienable needs, everyone would be much happier.

By the way, I’ve tried all three approaches, all to random strangers in coffee shops. I highly recommend the second.

I’m doing a commission drive to help me get to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo in March! (…and replace my broken tablet, and pay our new MSP premiums, and to pay for Momo having to go back to full-time daycare this month or lose her spot… look, the life of a freelancer is not a stable one, haha.)

So, here’s the deal: like always, I can do How Baby style family portraits ($35 for three people, +$10  for additional people) and my usual rendered colour illustrations ($90 for one person, +$10 for more; full backgrounds), but I’m in the mood to draw some kisses, so if you have two characters you wanna see put their faces real close together for Reasons, then I’ll do those for $50! You wanna see what kinda art I do? Check out my tumblr!