When we came home from the hospital, we were burdened with an incredible amount of paperwork for such a small kid: feeding scheduling sheets, tax forms, birth registration forms, and an uncountable number of brochures on Important Parenting Facts. But I think I could have added a few more…

(We actually got a CD about shaking your baby that said, practically verbatim: “You will want to shake your baby. DO NOT SHAKE YOUR BABY.” Like, no sugarcoating, no hedging it with “some people will want to…”, they just gave it to you straight up. I appreciated that.

Fun things, too: my piece for Monsters and Dames, the ECCC charity artbook, was accepted! One of my favorite things about ECCC 2014 was signing books for people. I won’t be breastfeeding while I do it this time, thankfully. If you’re headed to ECCC this year, I’ll be armed with pen in hand if you bring your book to sign. đŸ˜€

Also, I still have a few slots left for commissions to get me on my way to C2E2! Here’s the details on that again: