The return of Warlord Momo! In the Game of Chairs, you… chase after mom, trip on a rug, and split your nose open on the edge of a rogue POÄNG, apparently.

Monday was NOSE TRAUMA DAY, because it started with Momo nearly breaking my nose during a tickle fight, and ended in the ER with my baby getting  surgical tape on her face.

She’s fine, she’s just got a cool origin story for that nose scar I gave her way back in strip 57. We spent a few hours in emergency because, typical mom, I thought she might need stitches because it’s on her face, but a triage nurse taped her up and that was it. She’s super not impressed with it, and has weaponized ‘mama, I don’t feel well’, which is apparently the password that unlocks all of my Motherly Care and Affection because yesterday she got picked up early from daycare and had ice cream “before” (read: for) dinner.