The comic you’re not seeing today is a comic about how I finally feel that rush of pure love that everyone said I’d get when I saw Momo for the first time. See, I was going to draw that comic, and then the day I was going to was such a calamity that this came out instead.

Everyone’s got different opinions on the whole ‘cry it out’ thing. In this house, like most parenting approaches, we’ve got a weird hybrid: mostly solicitous and calming, but when it’s a stormcloud week, she gets stonewalled. If we didn’t, it’d be a neverending cycle of “more milk, more cuddles, I want to sit on the couch, what’s that noise, I’m wet, I dropped my fox, open the door.” On those days, you get situations like this: me diligently making a comic about how much I ostensibly love her, while simultaneously ignoring her fake-crying in the other room.

I’m almost at my goal for C2E2! I’m about to finish up the first round of portraits, so I’ll have a few more slots open for commissions, so if you were considering…