Hack the wooooooooooooooooorld!

(They’re taking Hackers off of Netflix, hush.)

Momo wasn’t so much a Velcro baby so much as she was a ‘pay attention to me at all times’ baby, which made doing anything kind of a daunting prospect. The ‘use an old smelly sweater to simulate the smell of mom’ trick never worked for us, but the entire concept of it always… made me laugh a little. Here, kid. Enjoy the smell of your mom, in all its glory.

Side note: I just found out I’ve been moved off the waitlist for Sakura-con in Seattle, March 25-27. It’ll be my first time at Sakura! So, hey, Seattle folks! Always a good time doing conventions in your city! So you can check out How Baby in person there, or two weeks later at ECCC (April 7-10). See you there!