I hit a milestone over on my Patreon the other day! Thanks to six incredible people, How Baby will now have a regular update schedule. I could probably get really embarrassing with how grateful I am that people like my little comic, so I’ll try to keep this succinct:

I’ve been having a weird feeling lately about how creating a comic has felt, spiritually, like creating a child. First it’s just an idea and you have a lot of confusing emotions about it, like wondering if you’re really going to go through with it, if you’re going to be good at it, etc. But slowly people start to believe in you, and soon – soon you’re calling that thing by a name, and the name makes it real. Hearing Momo’s real name spoken out loud for the first time was a defining moment in my pregnancy, and I feel the same frisson of excitement whenever people talk about How Baby. I may be creating it, but they are doing the work of bringing it into the world by calling it by name.

I never, ever thought I would create something that people would say, ‘that is my favorite thing’, so I guarandamntee that every time someone says that about How Baby, tears well up in my eyes because I am so thankful and so humbled and so… honoured.

I’m really excited to keep making comics. I’m honoured to keep making comics. Thank you.