Mistakes were made. Regrets, possibly.

You’d think this would be less of a problem since going freelance and having actual daylight hours to work on things, but the survival instinct that grips all freelancers has me filling every available hour with work, including the four or so hours after Momo’s bedtime I COULD be using to relax. The thing is, art used to be my relaxing, so… I may as well… do that… which means I do contracts in the daytime hours, and commissions and convention prints at night (“on my own time”, like I used to).

Only one can’t keep that pace forever, so I do eventually crack and use my evening like I SHOULD, to relax, and then around midnight… damn, I should have been working! So I stay up a little later… until it’s 2AM and I’m stumbling to bed, and THAT’S the night she decides to wake up multiple times, or get sick, or wake up when daddy goes to work, or… you know.

It’s Thanksgiving up here in the land of the north, so I wanna take some time to say thank you to everyone reading this, especially to my patrons. It’s been a really wild ride this year and I’m so thankful for each of your emails, your comments, your shares on social media, your smiling faces at conventions, everything. I’m so blessed by you, and in this life I’m happy to share with you. Thanks.