EDIT: for some reason, this animated comic glitches out on some browsers. You can see the non-glitched version here.

References to a video game that came out in 2010: How Baby much relevant webcomic, very time, wow. It counts because Quantic Dream just announced a new game, right?

If you’re not familiar with Heavy Rain, in the prologue you lose track of your oldest son in a mall. You look for him and call his name for a few minutes, until eventually you see him across the street, call his name, and… he’s hit and killed by a car. Yeah. It’s tense. Here’s a video; the nerve-wracking part starts about a minute in.

One thing I’ve noticed since becoming a parent is that I’m much more sensitive to images, or even stories, of children suffering or dying. Like, they affected me before, but not to the degree that I can literally be brought to tears just by imagining it. I can barely even watch that video now.

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