As Momo enters her terrible twos*, people are quite ready to inform me that she’ll be a stubborn, contrary little jerk until some highly improbable age, usually well into adulthood. The older this age, the more it’s obvious that this is just bog-standard misogyny: haha, aren’t girls so crazy.

We’re so scared of girls and their big emotions. Like, sure, keep diminishing women by calling us crazy or difficult when we try to set boundaries or carve out something for ourselves. Let’s map that onto the completely normal development patterns of a toddler, that’s super healthy!!

(*so-called because not only have I heard the term ‘threenager’, I have also heard the term ‘fournado’, and add that to my experience of the first two years of her life, I’m inclined to believe that perhaps it doesn’t matter how old they are, hmm)