I’m in Disneyland and Palm Springs with my family this week, so here’s the legit actual story of how Kev and I decided to have a kid after years of swearing we wouldn’t. Changing our minds had been a long time coming, but this was definitely the tipping point. THANKS, DISNEYLAND.

We had a blast in Disneyland! My mom came with us and it was really cool to have three generations of us there. Momo slept in her first big girl bed and fell in love with spinning rides and we all got too much sun and stayed up too late. We drove from Palm Springs to Anaheim in a little red Beetle, all four of us, which was an experience (America has so many FREEWAYS!). I have about a billion stories to tell, some of which will come out as strips in the future.

One of the milestones on my Patreon is to make How Baby twice a week. I’m $21 away from that! Incredible. When I get back next week I have an idea to do a How Baby prize pack draw for all patrons to celebrate, so keep your eye on this spot for that announcement!