Like it says on the tin, I’m taking a real short break from How Baby as I:

1) deal with the hellish resurgence of Momo’s sickness (who saw THAT coming?!) while:
2) dealing with the fact that my tablet broke, while:
3) I put the finishing touches on Motherlover, which debuts THIS WEEKEND!!

In other words, Everything Just Keeps Happening Whether You Want It Or Not, Doesn’t It?! So I’m skipping today in order to get my house in order – both literally and figuratively – and will be back with updates on Monday, including The Deets on where you can find me at VanCAF next weekend! It’s gonna be… a lot of places, actually, as I’ve put together a panel on mothers in comics and I’ll be doing a kids comic workshop and I’ll have the first chapter of Motherlover there in print, too. So! Details on that as I have them.

See you on the other side, family. And don’t forget to join me for the debut of Motherlover on Sunday, May 13!