Girl, You Thought 2: The Sequel. Think Harderer.

Momo’s on the mend (mostly; we’ve been dealing with some phantom stomachaches that only seem to bother her twenty minutes after going to bed), which means my evenings have opened up to do ART–

–wait, I mentioned that Frostpunk came out a few days ago? And, oh, also that I’ll be rewarding myself for launching the new comic by resubscribing to FFXIV? And we just bought a Switch and the new Zelda? O-oh, that’s okay, I didn’t need those hours for anything else.

(Technically, the big boulder that’s bogarting my spare time reads both ‘video games’ and ‘fanfic’, but let’s be real, nothing’s stopping me from squeezing every last fanfic-reading minute out of the corners of my day.)

PSST it’s our anniversary today, and what good is having a international platform with TENS if not DOZENS of fans if you don’t hijack it to shine a spotlight on your long-suffering husband: happy anniversary, babe! Apparently, the modern ninth anniversary gift is leather. Just saying.