“Nights off” have been a rarity these days, between the day job, the convention travel, and working the rest of the time on comics. But I figure, at four and a half, Momo usually has a handle on this sleeping through the night business. It’s not like when she was a baby, or anything. I still generally get an uninterrupted block of time to do something, even if these days it’s been taken up by work.

Except… for right now, when I finally felt I was ahead of schedule on comics, and I was gonna give myself a night to play video games (Frostpunk just came out!!), aaaaaaaaaaaand… well, Momo’s been sick, which isn’t unusual, but it was kindergarten orientation today, so she didn’t nap, so she fell asleep on the way to dinner and slept until bedtime, and was so hungry and tired when she woke up that she ended up staying up until ten, and her coughs are always bad, so we’re on Barf Watch, and…

Anyway. I should know better. They always find a way of knowing when you start getting cocky.

It’s May! And besides May Day, and May the Fourth, and Mothers Day, and our anniversary… my new comic Motherlover debuts in just a few weeks!! I’m going to be insufferable until it does!! It’s so close!