I’m back! A leaner, fitter human, lifted of the  anxiety of debuting a new comic, hah! If you haven’t read it yet, Motherlover went live over the weekend, and you can read the first chapter now! It was an incredible launch; thank you so much everyone. I’m very glad it’s out there and I’m looking forward to telling the story!

This comic features real words that have left the mouth of my darling angelic tactful child. Everyone’s all in wonder of the magic of her brain forming complex concepts, and I’m out here getting dragged by my four-year-old.

VanCAF is this weekend! A home turf show, finally! I’ll be at table C8, which is right by the inside doors in the main room. I’ll be slinging How Baby print zines, the first chapter of Motherlover, anthologies like Amplify Her and Dirty Diamonds #8, and the usual complement of prints and postcards. I’ll also be making two appearances at events: the first is a kids comic workshop on Saturday at noon, and the second is Being (Re)Productive, a panel featuring mothers who make comics, which is on Sunday at 10:30. Like the show itself, both events are free and you don’t need a ticket!

Hopefully I’ll see some of you there!