I have a history of using, shall we say, risque drawings on my phone lockscreen. Why not, right? It’s mine, and if someone is snooping and they don’t like it, they deserve the eyeful. And I guess, if they like it, we’re probably already buds.

Kind of running into a problem now that Momo’s starting to understand the concept of time as something that can be known via numbers on a screen. She loves numbers on a screen, man. And you know what she doesn’t give even a single damn about? Half-naked men. She literally just tells me if it’s bedtime or not, with varying degrees of shade depending on how long I’ve been procrastinating on getting up to start the bedtime routine.

VanCAF is this weekend! My home comics show. You can find me at table C8 in some very fine company indeed. I’m also going to be doing a free comic workshop for kids on Saturday at noon, and a panel on motherhood and comics on Sunday at 10:30!! Both those events (and the show itself!) are free and you don’t need a ticket.

This is my last show until, wow, August! And it’s always a banger, Vancouver’s got such a good comics scene and the out of town talent is just chefkiss.jpg. Plan to be there, it’s so good!! See you there!