Sonder is the feeling you get when you realize that every person you meet has an inner world just as detailed as yours, with their own history and hardships. I think this is especially relevant to parenting, when most of the time decisions come down to ‘this is what works for us at the moment’ more than any other rationale, and it’s easy to get stuck in your own experience.

I’ve done strips about being in the newborn phase and having people swear that it was just the best time, babies are so great, super easy – meanwhile, I was a wreck. Fast forward a few years, and while parenting a small child is WAY easier, it has its own challenges that make me wish she’d just be quiet and stay in one place like a baby would.

Now I’m on the other side, I see a more complete picture than I did in the trenches. I see the frustration of the toddler, and the despair of the baby, but also the blessings of both – I see that we both have our own worlds.

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