When I was a kid, we had this poster of the Footprints poem, which is a pretty well-known poem about how Jesus is with us in our darkest times, as indicated by two sets of footprints in the sand (or one, when He carries us).

I didn’t end up being religious myself, but I always liked the poem – if nothing else, I like thinking that I don’t walk through life alone, and how I can depend on the people who love me to help carry me through the hard times.

And then, of course, there’s Momo, who’s going through some hard times right now as she grows into that “threenager” phase I’ve been hearing about. It works both literally and metaphorically, in her case: I do a lot of physical carrying, but I like to think when she looks back on her life she saw all the ways I lifted her up in a spiritual sense, too.