Momo got transferred to a new school right before school started, which is great because it’s a LOT closer (only one bus!) and in a neighbourhood where there’s a lot more within walking distance, but is also very nerve-wracking because everything is new again.

It took me all year to make those parent friends, dang it!! And I didn’t overcome years of childhood trauma just to have to worry all over again about Momo getting picked on at her new school! I don’t know when any of the buses run! Argh! This is harder on me than it is her!!

I’m like, half-tempted to wear a ‘please talk to me!’ button as like… a mating signal to the other parents that I am super lost and lonely, but I survived enough bullying to definitely not do that, haha.

I’m gonna be at RCCC in Portland next weekend!! I love love love RCCC and I’m so excited to be there again this year! Portland people, y’all are so excellent to me, see you soon lovelies. <3