Further adventures in navigating that particular social interaction that is ‘the only thing we know we have in common is that our children are in the same grade’, which is absolute hell for me, because when I’m at school literally the only thing I wanna do is leave and not exchange vapid small talk about our children.

It’s a gamble! They could be the neighbourhood busy-body! They could try to sell me essential oils! They could be an anti-vaxxer!!! The ten minutes of pickup and drop off are a weird version of speed dating for parents and you KNOW I have my eyes on introducing myself to the other parents with weird dyed hair with my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

(Yes, I do now own that tank top and it delights me.)

I’ll be at RCCC this weekend! Portland! Find me at table S09 in the Artist Alley! <3 <3

PS: nice