Momo’s been playing a lot of Mario lately, which means that I’ve been playing a lot of Mario lately, because Momo’s still working on advanced video game skills like running and jumping at the same time and not running right into the Goombas.

It’s real nostalgic for me, because I remember being the little sister who was content watching her older siblings play Mario, and later the girlfriend who was happy watching her boyfriend play games, and now the person who puts on Let’s Plays while she eats dinner. Watching people play video games is an honourable past time.

However, and I have made this point to her, it’s not playing a video game if she just hands me the WiiU every time she dies and tells me to beat the level for her. Look, kid! You’ve got a mom who believes that video gaming is a great hobby that trains a lot of transferable skills, like dexterity and dedication! You don’t know how good you have it!

Some days I feel it’s like, no, you can’t go play until you finish your video games! Eat up, they’re good for you!

It’s real cute though, listening to her when she actually sticks to it. I didn’t think my heart would melt listening to her humming along to the video game melodies I know so well, but here we are.